Funding schemes

The Foundation currently offers the following programme of awards. Details are available on the award-specific pages.

  • Mildred Blaxter postdoctoral fellowships
    This award provides support for individuals who have recently completed a PhD in the field of the sociology of health and illness, to enable them to disseminate findings of their thesis through publications and presentations, and/or to develop a new programme of work related to their thesis.
  • Postgraduate international conference travel grants
    This award scheme is intended to support postgraduate students and early career researchers to present or co-present a paper relating to the sociology of health and illness at an appropriate international conference outside the United Kingdom, by providing funding for registration, standard accommodation and travel costs.
  • Research grant development awards
    These awards provide ‘pump-priming’ funds for the development of high-quality, innovative and multidisciplinary research grants relating to the sociology of health and illness. They are intended to support groups to work together to develop a research grant application and submit it to a major national or international funding body within three months of the end of the award.
  • Symposium or workshop support grants
    This scheme is intended to support the development of the sociology of health and illness by funding symposia, small conferences and workshops which address important issues in the field.

Please note that the Foundation no longer funds PhD studentships.